UCaaS’s evolution takes communications centre stage

The quality of customer experience is built on the systems that underpin the organisation’s communication platform. We talk to RingCentral about how both CX and EX benefit from quality communications.

22 February 2024 . 00:23:07

Show Notes for Series 03 Episode 57
This podcast is produced in conjunction with RingCentral.

Any organisation lives or dies on its communication abilities. In today’s digital-first environment, connecting customers and companies via the channel they’re most comfortable with is a critical operational component.

With the advent of mature, cloud-based systems, an increasing number of businesses are migrating from on-premise VOIP systems to UCaaS or CCaaS platforms (unified communications as a service, or contact centre as a service).

These advanced pieces of software let contacts and collaborations take place seamlessly as the participants shift from voice, to video, to text – even mid-call. But UCaaS means a whole lot more besides these engineering basics, and today’s guest on the Tech Means Business podcast takes us through the details.

Amir Hameed, Senior Vice President Worldwide Software Sales and Engineering at RingCentral, has a long career spent promoting high-quality customer and employee experiences. At RingCentral, his role is to make sure that call centre agents all over the world enjoy their work and give delightful customer experiences at every touchpoint.

In this episode we find out how CX and EX can be transformed, statutory data compliance achieved, and primarily, how organisations and brands can turn customers into brand advocates, and transient employees into long-term investments that bring great value to any-sized business.

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